Glass Coffee Table

glass coffee table

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A glass coffee table is perfect for smaller living spaces because it gives the illusion of space. The clear glass is great for masking that you really don’t have much room in the area. A coffee table made out of a different material would swallow up the area while a glass table lets the floor show through.

Since you can see the floor through the material the entire space seems a little bit roomier. You also have the benefit of using the glass coffee table to hold magazines, cups, glasses or nice knick-knacks to embellish the room. This functional piece of furniture can add practical beauty to your living room or family room.

There are many different styles of glass coffee tables on the market. You can choose from a variety of designs and you can choose a formal or casual look for your space. The options are endless but you can find a way to choose the right glass coffee table for your home.

These tables come informal styles that are truly breathtaking. These items boast beveled glass in the unit and others have brass detailing that is out of this world. The shiny glass coffee table with brass accents is very rich looking and elegant.
Wrought iron is also commonly used to accent glass tables. The delicate glass is contrasted by the stark, strong wrought iron elements. These designs can be both formal and casual depending on the arrangement of the materials and the overall attitude of the look.

One of the most outstanding items like this I have seen is one that my sister bought for her family room years and years ago. She loves bears and she fell in love with a glass coffee table that had an adorable but simple design. It makes for a great conversation piece in her home.

The glass coffee table consists of a statue of a bear lying on its back. The feet hold the glass for the unit in place. This piece is really striking and it is perfect for her small family room. Even though the bear stands out the glass coffee table seems to melt into the room.

This table has been put away for now. My sister has a toddler who also loves the bear. She just seems to want to get to the cuddly looking statue through the dangerous glass material. Maybe it will reappear when she is a little older.

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